Executive Board

Polemarch: Andrew Fox, Jr.
Vice Polemarch: James Benton
Keeper of Records: Orlando Bogins
Keeper of Exchequer: Christopher McDonald
Strategus: Michael Barclay
Lieutenant Strategus: Steve Suber
Historian Reporter: James Johnson

Board of Directors:
Michael Bagley, Jr
Niko N. Dawson
Vincent L. Harden
Glenn Jackson


The Southfield Alumni Chapter has been blessed with strong leadership from its inception. The following brothers have contributed immensely to the success of the chapter by serving as Polemarch, thus exemplifying the highest standards of the Fraternity.


Past Polemarchs


Gerald Cardwell (1986-1989)
Ralph Jefferson, Jr. (1989-1990)
William Evers (1990-1990)
Rudy Hendrix (1990-1992)
David O. Branch, Sr. (1992-1994)
Harry G. Franklin (1994-1996)
Lonnie D. Reynolds (1996-1998)
Doug Sanders (1998-2000)
Terry E. Packer (2000-2002)
Ken J. Cylar (2002-2004)
Chris Carswell (2004-2006)
Niko Dawson (2006-2008)
Darryle J. Buchanan (2008-2010)
James V. Jackson (2010-2012)
Tony Zeringue (2012-2014)
Tracy Parks (2014-2016)
Keith Way (2016-2018)
Glenn Jackson (2018-2020)