News – 2011-12

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News – 2011-12

March 2012
In March of 2012, the Southfield Kappa League attended the Rose of Sharon Church of God In Christ Church, Rev. Brother Ron Griffin, Pastor. On March 11th, there were approximately 16 kappa Leaguers in attendance. Kappa leaguer Ricky Gipson addressed the congregation and told the parishioners what it means to be a Kappa leaguer. There was not a dry eye in the house when he reunited with his father in the Church after he spoke. . In March of 2012, the Kappa League Step Team made its debut in the Westland John Glenn Step Team Competition. On Friday, March 16, 2012, the step team made everyone proud by showing the style, class, and swag that it takes to be a Southfield Kappa Leaguer. Many brothers and kappa Leaguers came out to support them. Brother Cauldwell and the Kappa Leaguers showed everyone in attendance what young men of style can do. Later in the month, on March 25th, the Southfield kappa league returned to the Rose of Sharon Church and conducted a fundraiser in their fellowship hall. The Kappa Leaguers hosted the League of Young Gentlemen Cooks. Each of 25 kappa leaguers prepared a dish and served it as part of this taste fest fundraiser. Parents, parishioner, and Kappa brothers were in attendance and were well pleased with the delectable delights prepared by the young men. The young men had a particularly good time selling their food to their guest. It was a great time by all who attended and a financially successful event for the kappa leaguers.

February 2012
In February, the Step Team continued their preparation for their first competition. The Southfield Kappa League also hosted their annual Black History Month Student Forum. Several area teen group were invited to participate. Each group had representatives on a panel and several relevant contemporary issues were discussed by the panel. All of the issues discussed was related to the history of African American people. Also in February, the Southfield kappa leaguers were given a test to ensure that they knew the history and the purpose of the Guide Right Program and Kappa League.

January 2012
January was a particularly busy and satisfactory month for the Southfield Kappa League. First the Kappa leaguers were introduced to the Diamond In The Rough initiative inspired by Grand Polemarch Randy Bates. The Kappa Leaguers then began to sign up for the K.A.S.E. Program (Kappa Leaguers Achieving Scholastic Excellence). Currently, we have 28 participants. Also in the month of December, the Southfield Kappa Leaguers participated in the annual Southfield Martin Luther King Peace Walk. They also donated their time by setting up and taking down all of the thousands of chairs for the participants. Later that day, the Kappa Leaguers had some recreational time as they went and played laser tag at the Zap Zone in Farmington, Michigan. January was also the month that the Kappa Leaguers began step practice with the newly formed Southfield Kappa League step team, under the leadership of Brother Kyle Cauldwell. In order to be on the team, Brother Cauldwell required the Kappa Leaguers to maintain high academic levels. Also, in the month of January, the Kappa Leaguers hosted a fundraiser at the Detroit Repertory Theater. They hosted a theater party, featuring the play “Bury the Bones.” This was attended by all of the Kappa Leaguers and they were gracious hosts and looked fantastic in their Kappa League Look (Blazers, ties, white shirts, etc.). The event was also a financial success.

December 2011
In December 2011, the Southfield Kappa League visited WXYZ Channel 7 Television Studios in Southfield. They were hosted by Brother Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director and host of Spotlight On The News. Approximately 15 Kappa Leaguers learned about the television news business and got an opportunity to meet the on air news stars, including Glenda Lewis. It was a very successful learning experience. Later in December, the Kappa Leaguers conducted their Adopt-A-Family-For-Christmas Program. They put their own monies together, went shopping, and purchased Christmas gifts for a family in need. Then they hosted a party in their honor. The family was very grateful to the Southfield Kappa League for their generous gifts and thoughtfulness. The evening was highlighted by the Southfield Kappa League Advisors and the Kappa Leaguers singing Christmas carols to the family.

November 2011
The Southfield Kappa League (SKL) conducted their general membership business meeting on November 20th. At the meeting, the final Kappa League Look outfits were distributed to the new Kappa Leaguers. The Kappa Leaguers had a very special meeting where they received important information. Brother Ali Freeman provided a seminar on proper grooming for a leader. He gave them specific instructions on how a well-dressed man presents himself. The Kappa Leaguers also were introduced to their step leader. Brother Kyle Caldwell came to the meeting and spoke to the young men about how the step team will operate and the qualifications that you will need in order to be on the team (i.e. appropriate grades). Lastly, Brother Gregory Whiting facilitated a representative from the State of Michigan, Ms. Jennifer Wallace, who brought valuable information to both the Kappa Leaguers and many parents that came about how to prepare for getting into and paying for college. All of these presentations were well received.

The Community Service Committee of the SKL is making the final preparations for their Adopt-A-Family program. They will be pooling their funds and will use them to pay for gifts for a needy family in the area. The gifts will be given to the family at a Christmas party that the SKL will host for them on Wednesday, December 21st at HUMC. If the Brothers of SAC would like to contribute to the Adopt-A-Family program, the committee would be more than happy to receive their donation.

With the most recent incidents at Penn State University and Syracuse University, I have been involved in discussions with Polemarch James Jackson and Province Guide Right Director Terry Ward about steps that various Kappa League organizations should consider doing to ensure protection and accountability. To that end, we have discussed making a policy change that would require any brother that is an advisor or mentor to the youth be checked to ensure that they are not on the registry for sexual predators. It is an important prudent step that will not only protect the Kappa leaguers, but also diminish potential liability of the fraternity. There have been discussions with the Kappa League Parents Organization. They share the same concerns. It is the request of this committee to ask the BOD to issue a policy with respect to ensuring the safety of all concerned.

On December 9th, the SKL will be participating in our 2nd Annual Channel 7 Broadcast House Field Trip. Several Kappa Leaguers and parents will be hosted by Brother Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director of WXYZ TV, who give a tour of the facility and allow our guests to view a live broadcast. We will have an opportunity to visit the control room and meet the on air talent after they conclude their 7:00 p.m. broadcast.

On Tuesday, November 29th, the SKL participated in a nation-wide webinar where the National Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was rolling out a new program for all Guide Right and Kappa League programs across the country. The program is called “Diamonds In the Rough.” This new initiative is supported and encouraged by Grand Polemarch Bates. The goal is to revamp our Guide Right and Kappa League programs to have one central initiative; to get young African-American and Latino boys prepared for and into college and to get them scholarships to pay for it. This is a broad and comprehensive program involving expanding our mentoring to boys from the 6th through the 12th grades. It requires each chapter to assist our Kappa Leaguers in improving their grades, getting them tutoring, offering them on-line ACT and SAT prep, taking them on college tours twice a year (fall and spring), assisting parents on filling out the FASFA applications, seeking and obtaining college scholarships from foundations and charitable organizations so that they do not have to pay for college, to become 501 (C) (3) charitable organizations, and to track the success of the young men in the program from the 6th grade through college and beyond. The goal of the Diamonds In The Rough program is to make the Guide Right Program a life altering experience. It will be a paradigm shift in how we approach the Kappa League program. We would be encouraged to no longer be involved in raising monies for scholarships, but rather seek and obtain the billions of dollars of scholarships that are already available to young men of color. The program is to be introduced in January of 2012. It will fundamentally change and improve the SKL program.

October 2011
Southfield Kappa League attended Hope United Methodist Church for church service on Sunday, October 16, 2011. There were 25 Kappa Leaguers in attendance and approximately 12 brothers. The Kappa Leaguers and the Brothers were acknowledged from the pulpit on three separate occasions. The Kappa Leaguers were well received by the entire church. Many members of the church approached brothers after the service to inquire about how they could get their sons into the Southfield Kappa League. This was a very successful outing. Thanks go to the brothers that attended to represent not only the fraternity, but also to let everyone know the commitment that we have to the young men in our community.

The Kappa Leaguers participated in the solicitation of donations for the Thanksgiving Food Drive on November 5, 2011 at the Foodland Grocery Store on 8 Mile Rd. in Southfield. All the Kappa Leaguers were dressed in their Kappa League College look. Through their efforts, along with the brothers, the Kappa Leaguers helped raise over $1,000. The Kappa Leaguers will be assisting the Brothers in putting together the Thanksgiving food baskets at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

At the next Kappa League business meeting on November 20, 2011, the Kappa Leaguers and their parents will participate in a College prep workshop. They will learn about all the things they need to know to apply to, pay for, and be ready for college. A guest speaker will be the presenter. During this same meeting, Kappa Leaguers will be instructed on proper grooming by Brother Ali Freeman. Also, their Step Team will be formed. Brother Kyle Caldwell will facilitate and instruct the Kappa League Step Team.

On Friday, December 9, 2011, the Kappa League will be hosted by Brother Chuck Stokes at the broadcast house of Channel 7. They will be given a tour of the facilities, get to see behind the scenes of a television news broadcast, watch a live broadcast, and meet the on-air talent, featuring Carolyn Clifford. A good time will be had by all.

September 2011
Southfield Kappa League began its year on Saturday, September 18, 2011 by inducting 12 new Kappa Leaguers into the organization. The meeting was very well attended by Kappa Leaguers, Brothers, family, and friends. There were over 100 people in attendance for this first meeting of the year. After the induction, the Kappa Leaguers and Parents had separate meetings.

The parents’ information meeting started out as a well organized business meeting where all pertinent information was shared with the returning and new parents. Dues and money for the Kappa League look was collected. Toward the end of the Parents Meeting, it turned into a pro Kappa League rally. Many of the returning parents rose to address the entire group and express how important, effective, and beneficial the Kappa League program has been to their sons.

The Kappa Leaguers had their first business meeting of the year. The Kappa League officers explained how the meetings are run and what is expected of all of them as Kappa Leaguers. Upcoming events were also highlighted:

• On Saturday, October 1, 2011, the Kappa Leaguers will be participating in the Youth Financial Literacy program sponsored by the Pi Tau Omega Alumni Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (their Southfield Alumni Chapter). They will participate in gaining information about saving, investing, and planning and paying for college. This workshop will take place at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on 9 Mile, just east of Telegraph in Southfield from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
• On Sunday, October 16, 2011, the Kappa Leaguers will be attending 10:30 a.m. service at Hope United Methodist Church together. We invite the brothers of Southfield Alumni Chapter to attend along with us and to wear their red sportcoats.

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