October 26, 2013

Southfield Alumni Walk-a-Thon raises more than $2500 for Thanksgiving Food Drive

Today more than 25 Kappa Men and Kappa Leaguers each walked the two miles required to collectively raise well over $2500 worth of donations at Birney K-8 school in Southfield during the first ever Kappa Walk-a-Thon.

Congratulations to all the participants, and to the Community Service Committee who are efforting to raise funds to provide 400 needy families ThanksGiving Baskets. The baskets will be distributed on Sat. Nov. 23 at New Hope Baptist church in Southfield, MI. Also thanks goes out to the Kappa League Advisors for providing such a strong turn out.

Tony Zeringue
Kappa Alpha Psi
Southfield Alumni Chapter